all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well

this little girl has been busy. she is lighting up with modeling offers. fielding these offers has become a part time job for momma. she has a whole inbox of messages from randoms: some legit some maybe-killers. (i remember vivedly when my childhood friend, ginger rios, went into a spy shop on maryland parkway and never returned home because the owner took her out to the desert.) so when charly says "i have a photoshoot tomorrow at 11" that means momma has a photoshoot too. we are quickly setting up a protocol for how this goes down because her bouncing out the door by herself to go meet some guy with a camera on 4th street is not going to happen. reading people's vibe and intentions has never been my strong suit, so i am having to up my sleuthing game.

there is this one photographer from paris who has a couple weeks in san francisco, he has done some legit work with legit models. he asked charly for my phone number to talk to me. he called me. we chatted a half hour or so and left the conversation with "thank you for your interest in representing and shooting charly, I (I, not charly) will get back to you in regards to schedules." lo and behold the next day he is messaging charly. she is explaining why she can't be in san fran right away "my mom works, my dad works, we have five kids..." and his next comment was "you can't come alone?" PUMP THE FU(*&^ BREAKS. needless to say, we will not be going to san fran. the horizon holds a lot of work for me.  i will be here vetting people for charly: track coaches, colleges, trainers, boys, photographers. lots of people.


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