in love

 happy v day. over here everett made me this adorable valentine. 
i bombed the kids rooms with their favorite candies and lovie cards. we had our traditional cinnamon sugar rolls for breakfast (with bacon for everett). 
ezra and i played some naked connect four. he was naked.
i got a craft ready for my 9 year old class that was basically if they did a dare they got to fill a glass jar with colored sugar that they then could take home as a gift. the dares were to rub noses with your neighbor, eat a packet of taco bell hot sauce, do your best hula dance, etc. it was a blast. the girls made beautiful sugar patterns in their glass jars. the boys shook theirs up and globbed up the opening of the jar with spit mixed with sugar. classic.
ootd was a departure from my usual black for an all nude ensemble with red lips and heels. i am sure my 9 year old kiddos appreciated it. 
we got salt  playdough to shape what we loved. deacon shaped me. swoon. 
charly surprised me with this sweet set up (because she is a baby doll), 
and she surprised me with a spread of the magazine she was published in for Fisique.  

deven was kind of a turkey today, so we won't discuss that. i still love him. love love love to all my kiddos.


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