Ev is the gullet

At the end of Apollinaire's Alcools he wrote "Vendemiaire" turning his back on Rome. He lived in an age in which God was dead and the artist was obliged either to assert his prerogative as a microcosm of the universe, become the macrocosm and save the world for art, or else perish miserably in the anonymous masses. A spokesman for the anarchist's heroic world of the future, he becomes the prophet of the New City - Paris - in which God will be the marvelous god created by man (by the poet). He accepts the poet's transcendence over everything in the universe: from worms to fire. His obsessive desire to absorb the whole of life, not in logical order or as a neat sequence of events, but all at once, "Cities of France and Europe and the world I'm thirsty / Come to me cascade into my enormous throat...I am the gullet of Paris...I will swallow all creation." Apollinaire sings on top of existence, containing all mankind in him, he is a cosmos drunk on the alcohols of all contained in himself.

Apollonaire says he is thirsty. I have heard many a teenager today use that word to mean (too) eager. Everett can be thirsty. Of my kids he is the most atypical in his eagerness. But when that kid feels the feels he is "drunk" on the joy contained in himself. He shows it. He seems to absorb energy from situations that he then releases through his entire body by jumping, flapping and his facial expressions. The prophet of joy. This has become my image of what unmistakable eagerness looks like. For a gal who likes to keep a poker face, it's a gift to have this everyday.


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