preschool in Utah

has been interesting. If I were to stay here I would put Everett in a private preschool. However, he completed his first full year of preschool in the 3 year old magnet program at Washington Elementary. His teacher changed half way through the year, then they put him from morning to there was not a lot of consistency. He often revolted getting ready for school and generally had to be bribed to get in the car. That is him with a lot of activities though.
For his last day, I dropped him off at school first then went back to get food and Ezra to come an hour later for the party. When Ezra and I arrived Everett went from quiet and still to very animated and happy. I am so glad that these two little boys have each other.
 Kindermusic triangles were a hit
 Ev is usually the leader of the duo
 mirrors. he loves watching himself.


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