an update

my brother came down for deac's soccer game. what good uncle he is. he ended up like this most of the time instead of watching the game, and i did not care even a little bit.
C and I met some high school and junior high friends for a punk band reunion. The singer of Reform was my good friend in 6th grade. He could not keep a straight face as he was screaming a song he wrote when he was 14 "ARMAGEDDON! ARMAGEDDON!"  It was hilarious to see 40 year olds attempting to slam dance. 
Then back to school on Monday, but Char had missed a couple days the previous week because she was filming a "legit" video for this song. She was gone two days from 5 am to 10 pm. That girl is so diverse.  The text messages from her Monday morning were amusing. I did not pick her up from school and she survived.
Veterans Day we spent lounging at home. After Charly did a long search in her car for my Tiffany onyx jewels she took without asking to the video shoot on the dry lake bed, we settled in to watch Top Gun as a fam. (I had found the jewels earlier in the morning shoved in her backseat basically inside an old Del Taco taco, but I had to do a little J Walter Weatherman on her.)
Deacon finally lost one top tooth. He is 9 and has these little baby teeth that won't fall out.  Taking care of five sets of human teeth is a part time job. 


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