a day with Deac

We had a Deacon-mom day complete with getting him a phone with a 702 number, Bellagio flower garden, fish tank at Caesar's, and lunch. He expressed that it "was the best day ever." He took 100 pictures of the fish on his new phone and told me over lunch why each picture was valid. That night we went to the drive in to see Star Wars, but we took the babies. So...all I really saw was the parking lot of the drive in that Ezra insisted on traversing.  My car had popcorn in places I did not know popcorn could get. This drive in has a airport right behind it, which would normally be a disturbance, but in our case it kept Everett entertained way more then the movie.
I am semi-forcing Deac to grow his hair out again by not taking him to get it cut. This kid has the greatest hair and the greatest one-liners. 


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