the middle child

This Deacon of mine.  He is the nicest person I know. One morning I was in a huff because Dev had informed me that morning that he had blown off a final exam and failed his summer school class. I had to get the babies fed, dressed and loaded into the car to get Deacon to basketball.  Deac sat in the backseat of the car and I heard his soft voice say, "I am excited for fall."  I asked why.  "I think the babies are really going to like fall.  The leaves are so fun to jump in, and this year they can do Halloween."  Melt me. He makes the perfect middle child. He deals patiently with his teenage siblings as well as his baby siblings.  He is still the perfect mix of big kid and little kid.  Here he was appeasing Ezra, who after 3 minutes in the car must be entertained.  I feel like I only have a few more years to direct him, for it seems at the age of 12 or 13 kids have pretty much decided who they want to be and how many boundaries they want to push.  Deacon is a treasure.


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