I would have run down the Las Vegas strip naked to get my first baby, actually all of them, out of my body. Thanks humans for making me a mom.
Let me transcribe Deven's note: Happy Mothers day, Going on 18 years you have been a mother and for 18 years you have been an amazing, caring, over the top mother. You support us in every way through everything. Even if this might seem rough recently don't let foolish words discourage you. I wouldn't change a thing in our family. Just know things will get better and even if your two oldest are not what you want us to be Just know things will be alright and if all else fails you have 3 more children. Just kidding. I love you and hope you have a happy wonderful mothers day. -Deven Jordan (he tried to sign his name in cursive which is a problem since Nevada stopped teaching cursive in his 5th grade year.)
It's definitely not all hearts and flowers. To my first born...I have had to trust the energy of my first attempt at parenting. I have to love what I have made with all my daisy chain memories. However, I also see where you need to a hammer and chisel taken to you. Refine and tap and see what holds up. I will love the rubble too.
Charly has moved out of the house. This was a gift she left for me when I was gone at family dinner. Which is what this face mask is: gone. Empty. Very appropriate.


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