dance more to uncrowd the mind

the 6 year old loves music, loves to dance, loves to sing.  this was a genius christmas gift for him.
on to a heavier rant...
i think the saying of "no regrets" is ignorant.  
each day that closes as inventory is taken in prayer there is a plea for forgiveness.  so much could have been done better.  the minutes spent more effectively: it can be maddening.  beating oneself up is a state of being. what can alter that?  more prayer, buddist meditation, extreme exercise, juice cleanse, cooking more dinners, activities with kids?  dunno. regrets are inescapable when they emerge continually.
everett's hand clasps tightly around my finger during feeding him.  little body with a soul. he came here and i get to be here with him. fully taking care of him at first. i will help him out now and all along his way.
deacon has such huge eyes. i had him write "i will not watch YouTube because i did not keep the deal i made with mom" three times and put it on the computer. hopefully this helps him out some on his way.
deven. i fell so in love with him when he was a month old. this love will hopefully help him out along his way.
charly is my soul sista. i clean her room and take her to a plethora of activities to help her out on her way.
andrew is my mate for eternity. that hopefully helps both us out along our way.
shhhh, be still vanessa, and know that i am God.
my PaPa on the right. long since passed.


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