love documentaries and historic novels, or poetry, or people watching.
don't love star trek, buck rogers, lord of the rings, harry potter, imaginations of other worlds.
call me unimaginative.
if you paid me i would not go into space.
last week the background documentary while working was first
The Art of Rap (explores how the poetry of rap is used by artists)
and The Human Experience.
loved it.
this new person i helped make, i will help him in this human body
as much as i can while we both are here, "i gotcha some milk bro, 24/7."
the more age i acquire the more the paradox of knowledge sets in:
the more i learn the less i realize i know.
the dogma of youth is sub-planted by awe of mystery.
how did the blackberries i ate make this boy's blue focused eyes?  dunno.

"The more mature person is not the person who has all the questions settled.  No, the mature person is the person who enters ever more deeply, ever farther and farther and farther into the mystery and into the wonder."


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